36th Annual Cancer Convention in Los Angeles

Video of the presentation by Dr. Simoncini at the 36th Annual Cancer Convention in Los Angeles.

To many people, both within and without the medical community, cancer is perceived as “a certain group of cells that begins to grow out of control.” This, however, is the most widespread misconception about cancer, and possibly the prime obstacle that has been stopping us from finding a solution after so many years of frustrating research.



When facing the most pressing contemporary medical problem, cancer, the first thing to do is to admit that we still do not know its real cause. However treated in different ways by both official and alternative medicine, an aural of mystery still exists around its real generative process.
The attempt to overcome the present impasse must therefore and necessarily go through two separate phases: a critical one that exposes the present limitations of oncology, and a constructive one capable of proposing a therapeutic system based on a new theoretical point of departure.

In agreement with the most recent formulation of scientific philosophy, which suggests a counter-inductive approach where it is impossible to find a solution with the conceptual tools that are commonly accepted, only one logical formulation emerges; that is, to refuse the oncological principle which assumes cancer is generated by a cellular reproductive anomaly.

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