why do so many people die of cancer

The question that many people ask themselves is why, after so many years of study and research, has cancer not yet been defeated?

The problem is indeed scientific, but in my opinion it is even more a problem of a cultural and social nature as it represents the very structure of knowledge at the world level – a structure that prevents that freedom of thought and creativity that is capable of finding the right solutions.

The politicized structure of universities and professional orders which are set up almost as castes, with financing issued only to established institutions that are often almost mummified, and the monopoly of information held by existing political and cultural powers – all these are elements that prevent the most fertile and creative minds of society from having the slightest chance of exploring new paths. This fossilized social attitude is forcing entire populations to exist in a chronic state of fear and suffering when it comes to a disease – cancer – which could be successfully defeated.

Some time ago a patient with cancer sought my help. As I was explaining my mycotic theory on cancer to her, she commented “This perspective at least gives me the dignity to be ill. An infection makes sense.”

I believe that my position is rational, logical, scientific, and humane. It is a conception of cancer as an infection, a perspective which does not foresee the need for esoteric intervention, but instead the construction of a therapeutic discipline that is specific, targeted, and often able to quickly and completely resolve neoplastic diseases.

No fault can be attributed if the only substance that today is actually effective against Candida is sodium bicarbonate, but rather what is greatly wished for is that the pharmaceutical industries will soon become involved, as they would certainly be capable of producing anti-fungal substances that are extremely lethal for neoplastic masses.
The use of crude bicarbonate will then no longer be necessary, and a few pills a day may one day be able to uproot all tumors.

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