rectum cancer

Please be advised that for type of treatments requiring only dropping, whashing, drinking and for psoriasis or skin cancer the supervision of a doctor is indicated. For other type of cancer the involvement of a doctor is mandatory.

  • 360° TAT (turn around treatment)
    When sodium bicarbonate administered in a cavity
    Lay down on the bed
    2 pillows under the pelvis
    Turn around 90° degrees every 15 minutes
    Positions: supine, left and right side, prone

Rectum cancer (only when in the cavity)

  • 4 soupspoons sodium bicarbonate  in 2 litres tepid water
  • Taste with a finger if it’s salty
  • Make an enema slowly
  • Meanwhile make TAT
  • Do it 6 days on 6 days off for 4 cycles

IV 500 ml sodium bicarbonate 5% 6 days on 6 days off for 4 cycles

Start the IV infusions when there is the first enema break
So, the treatments will alternate

Side effects: Irritation and few bleeding.
Take 1-2 days break
Make an enema with 1 soupspoon of salt in 1 litre water, for two days

Take many drinks, lot of sugar and lot of salt in the meals
Dietary supplements ie. Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin complex etc. (K, Mg, etc.)


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