treatment brain cancer

All brain tumors both primary and metastatic in general regress or stop growing after therapy with sodium bicarbonate at five per cent solution. The therapy must be performed for at least six to eight days for the first cycle because the disease starts again in a relatively short time and often becomes irreversible if the period is less than six days.

The administration of the solutions takes place through sequential catheterization of the two internal carotids and of the Willis’ Circle with 150 cm3 in each area in order to obtain total perfusion of the encephalus. The perfusion must always be quantitatively modulated as a function of the location of the largest masses.

For example, if there is one mass in the right frontal area, it is appropriate to deliver 250 cm3 of solution in that anatomic compartment while the remaining 250 cm3 are subdivided in the other two vascular areas.
The patient is conscious during the infusion, and he is actually the person who dictates rhythm and speed, because the slightest vascular effect is sensed immediately.

The therapeutic scheme is based on the dimensions of the masses – the larger they are, the more they need additional cycles delivered arterially.
The dimensional limit of 3-3.5 cm within which a rapid shrinking of the masses is possible turns out to be a determining factor.

Instead, when masses greater than 4-5 cm have to be treated – or in the presence of multiple locations in all hemispheres – it is necessary to increase the amount and frequency of the cycles of therapy.

An ever-present side effect during the therapy is thirst. A general but momentary sense of pain as well as tachycardiac events are the most common symptoms.

In cases where the masses are very large or in the presence of a diffused meningeal carcinosis, a loss of mental performance may be observed after the first treatment sessions which, although sometimes acute and may persist for several hours, completely disappears after the treatment.

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