treatment bladder cancer

The therapeutic approach depends on the anatomical configuration of the neoplastic invasion. That is, on whether the tumor is limited to the internal walls or if it goes over into the pelvic cavity.
In the presence of carcinomas that are superficial or partially infiltrating, it is sufficient to administer bicarbonate solutions directly in the bladder through a catheter and also by administering an oral therapy of one teaspoon in a glass of water on an empty stomach to obtain very positive results almost all the time.

In general, after two or three days and also in the presence of large projecting masses, we can observe a regression of the painful symptomatology and, if present, the elimination of hematuria episodes.

Dosage: 150-200 cm3 through a catheter for four consecutive days, then every other day for two weeks, then one day on and two off for two further weeks, with suspension for one or more days in the presence of evident pain or erythrocytarian diapedesis.

The vesicle epithelium, in fact – burdened by the disease or by previous endoscopic instillations of mythomicine or other drugs – demands particular attention and vigilance because of its suffering condition. That means a continuous therapeutic modulation as a function of the subject.

Both selective arteriography and abdominal catheters are indicated in the case of pelvic overflow through which it is possible to attack the masses in a concentric and conclusive way.
Sometimes a neoplastic affliction of the urethras may be present, and that is very difficult to perfuse with sodium bicarbonate solutions through the vesicle catheter.

In this case, the position of a transdermal catheter in the afflicted urethra – that is, a nephrostomy – allows those masses to be reached and destroyed that have been missed by the sodium bicarbonate.

Vesicle tumors are very sensitive to the action of sodium bicarbonate, which almost always causes the regression of the masses.


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