simoncini treatment oropharyngeal cancer

The privileged anatomical position of being in contact with the outside allows a very easy perfusion of the neoplastic masses that are in the mouth and the tongue, on the palate and in the pharynx.

The perfusions with sodium bicarbonate solutions are very concentrated and simply obtained by adding one-and-a-half teaspoons of the substance to a glass of water. The treatment, to be administered twice a day, goes on for 10 days. The treatment is repeated once a day for another 10 days at the end of this first period.

The treatment is repeated after a week of rest if some small residual neoplasia persists.

In cases of irritation, the administration of the bicarbonate can be alternated with one day of rest, and, in the presence of blood, by the administration of sodium chloride – that is, simply salt in water. If the epipharynx or nasal cavities are affected, it would be useful to prescribe inhalations and conjunctival instillations.

So far the therapy is easy. That, however, becomes more complex in a presence of a deeper neoplastic process, that is, when neoplasias gain ground within the bodily structures.
The impossibility of reaching them from the outside imposes an arteriographic treatment through the external carotid possibly combined with local infiltrations.


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