treatment lung cancer

In general, this neoplasia responds very well to the therapy with sodium bicarbonate five per cent solution, which is implemented through arteriographic transcardial catheter positioned in the pertinent pulmonary artery. This allows the administration of the optimal doses against the mass or masses.

An eight to nine day cycle is sufficient to cause the regression of the disease. However, when the mass is present in the bronchial lumen as well, it is appropriate to program a cycle of at least 4 to 5 bronchoscopies through which it is possible to percolate in the bronchial airway 30-50 cm3 of bicarbonate solution to be left in the location.

After the first treatment it is already possible to notice a reduction of the bronchial stinosis and edema with evident improvement in symptoms.

Aside from possible generic symptoms related to the administration of bicarbonate, the therapy is always well-tolerated and presents no problem except when the hyper-alkaline environment caused by the infusions favors the development of bacteria which demands immediate treatment with antibiotics. This applies especially in heavily debilitated patients.

Anti-tumor therapies that are specific to each anatomical area must be applied when the pleura or other organs are involved.


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