liver cancer – metastisized

Clinical case – hepatic metastases from colangiocarcinoma

The patient I visited at the beginning of May, 2002 shows a grave weakening because of a liver neoplasm 10 cm in size.
The mass was able to reach that size in spite of a prior surgical intervention on the colangiocarcinoma and 11 cycles of chemotherapy. The therapy was abandoned because of negative repercussions on the patient’s body.

The infusions with sodium bicarbonate five per cent solution through a catheter located in the hepatic artery at the dosage of 400-500 cc. a day for six days caused immediately a sharp improvement of clinical conditions.

Further treatment cycles through arteries alternating with oral cycles led, in the following months, to the reduction and then to the disappearance of the hepatic neoplastic formation (doc 1 & doc 2).

  • Doc 1: Before treatment with Sodium bicarbonate
  • Doc 2: After treatment with Sodium bicarbonate
  • Doc 3: Declaration of the patient after about one year from the beginning of the treatment

Original documents: (PDF)

Hepatic metastases from colangiocarcinoma pdf1   Hepatic metastases from colangiocarcinoma pdf2   Hepatic metastases from colangiocarcinoma pdf3


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