liver cancer case 2

A 70-year-old patient is affected by hepatic carcinoma. He undergoes a thermo ablation intervention by means of RF (radio frequency) in the neoplastic lesion of the fourth hepatic segment .

Later, a further 3 cm neo-formation is seen in the eighth segment, and yet another between the fifth and the sixth.

As the disease is in a progressive state in spite of the therapies performed, the patient no longer has trust in official therapies. He therefore decides to undergo a treatment cycle with sodium bicarbonate solution at 5% administered directly in the liver through catheter in the hepatic artery.

A CAT scan performed after about 20 days from the treatment with sodium bicarbonate shows only the scar of the pervious thermo ablation intervention: “…no other focal lesions are observed. The disappearance of the previous neoplastic nodules is confirmed by a further CAT scan performed on February 19, 2002.

The above is also confirmed by the patient’s own declaration:

“I, the undersigned, [name withheld] declare what follows.

I turned to Dr. Simoncini because I had a tumour in the liver. After conventional treatment, instead of one I found myself with two lesions. At that point, I decided to turn to Dr. Simoncini upon the advice of my son. I underwent a cycle of infusions with sodium bicarbonate at 5% that were injected directly in the liver area. After that, I also underwent oral and intravenous cycles .

Dr. Simoncini gave me no certainties, but he gave me a hope that I have been able to cultivate more and more on the basis of the results. He also told me that it would be wise not to have any unrealistic hopes before at least one year had elapsed. From the readouts of all the CAT scans I underwent – the last one in July 2002 – it turns out that, after about one year, the tumours are absent, and what’s left of them is only the scar from the thermo ablation that was performed before I met Dr. Simoncini.

I have suffered no negative collateral effect.”

Rome, October 1, 2002


Original documents: (PDF)

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