liver cancer – case 1

Hepatic carcinoma

This case as well as the following one had negative results. However, they still demonstrate that the infusion therapy with sodium bicarbonate at 5 % determines an often dramatic regression of the neoplastic masses.

The 72-year-old patient that we examine is HCV positive (that is, he suffers from hepatitis C), and he is affected by hepatic carcinoma that is 120mm x 115mm x 105mm (as shown by ecographic scan of January 16, 2001).

From March 7 to March 10, 2001, he undergoes treatment with sodium bicarbonate solutions at 5% that is administered directly into the hepatic arteries (the plural is because there are two arteries instead of one). After about one month, the size of the mass is reduced to 30mm X 15mm.

However, in the pelvic cavity there is ascetical liquid that is produced by the hepatitis. This is the disease that certainly caused the death of the patient several months later, since a CAT scan previously performed showed the disappearance of the neoplastic mass.

Original documents: (PDF)

hepatic cancer pdf1    hepatic cancer pdf2



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