Killer fungi vs medical ignorance

A personal story by Bobby Stamen


Based on my own experience of what I’ve been going through over the last few years has been unforgivable and so bloody unfair that I can’t even find the words to show you how I feel I’ve been treated by my surgery and the NHS. It’s shocking! Candida can be a serious illness many doctors fail to acknowledge or even treat due to the great symptoms and side effects that many patients’ experience. When this condition enters the bloodstream and spreads. If left untreated, it can kill.

The sad fact is that most of us think we have amazing doctors who are suppose to pick us up when we’re ill and fix us, unfortunately this is far from being true. The truth is they can pick and choose who they help live and who they let die. We pay for this expensive service, so why as tax payers are we not able to get the service that we so desperately need?

A few years ago I became so seriously ill and was faced with major decisions concerning my health, my love life, my career, my diet, my friends and all that was important to me after I had been told by my consultant ‘’we think it’s cancer’’.
I had become intolerant to everything, my life was not worth living. I’d have allergy attacks to all chemicals, car fumes, household products, paints, medicines, aromatherapy oils, moisturising lotions, nearly all foods and anything else you can think of. It got to a stage when I couldn’t even leave the house.

I was going back and forth to my GP and the hospital and I simply wasn’t getting anywhere. They always referred me to someone else who knew nothing about what I was going through. Even when tests were done, the correct results were not being written. All the doctors were willing to talk to me about a growth, lump, tumor verbally, but none of them were willing to write anything relevant. When I went for an ultrasound, two doctors picked up growths either side of my kidneys and said it would be dealt with next time. Next time never came, next time was about me looking like an idiot.

I was coming down with more and more symptoms that I simply wasn’t familiar with and it terrified me. I was always exhausted, I felt sick, my muscles ached constantly, I had palpitations, I was shivering all the time, I was a bloated size 18 and everyone I ever met thought I was at least 6 months pregnant as the rest of my body was a slim size 12, my kidneys caused me pain nearly everyday, my skin used to smell of urine, my chest was wheezing, I had arthritis, constipation and when I did pass a stool it was always blood with thick curly white jelly tissue and I even began to slur as if I was tipsy at all times. I developed hay-fever which I’d never had before. I was coming down with all-sorts as my immune system was so weak and my God was I a complete and utter mess. It was so disgusting at how many symptoms I had & how little help I received from the medical profession.

I asked my GP to have me tested for various allergies but I was told this would not give me answers that I needed and it would be a waste of time. It got to a point when every time I asked to be referred to another specialist, I had to argue my point across just so that someone else could help me further. Specialists started to refer me to psychologists which I refused to go to as I knew that there was nothing wrong with me mentally and all my symptoms were of a physical nature. Being referred to psychologists started to hurt me more emotionally than the physical symptoms that I was experiencing. I felt so helpless, so humiliated of being treated like an idiot and so alone that all I could do was cry. When I needed their help the most, I was pushed away and told that everything I was saying was ‘’rubbish and I was imagining it’’. Can you imagine going through the same thing when you are so desperately ill and when you’ve just been told you’ve got cancer?

Having had two other tests, I was told I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and was put on special tablets and magnesium. The subject of cancer was now somehow invisible. I tried to find out more but the subject was closed. Then I went for an endoscopy, after the test the doctor asked me; ‘’Do you eat many foods with yeast?‘’ The only thing I could think of was bread. So I said; ‘’No’’. She replied; ‘’Strange, you have a thrush overgrowth’’. And to that remark, I knew I had possibly found my answer. Having gone back to my consultant, I was feeling really happy to know that someone had some answers. Unfortunately, my consultant said; ‘’nothing was picked up’’. I felt numb and in shock. I tried to reason with him but he simply brought everything to a close. Every time I tried to see him after that, I was always seen by someone else instead.

Not long after, I met a wonderful person while visiting my dad in hospital after an operation he had. While speaking to this man, I found out that he was a psychologist who had a wife as a senior nurse. She became seriously ill and experienced just as many symptoms as I. He said they went through about 20 hospitals and 9 psychologists and simply got no where. He said it was dreadful. Finally she went for a simple food intolerancy test and found out she was highly intolerant to wheat. He encouraged me to go and do the same. I did and I found out I was highly intolerant to ‘’yeast’’. Is it so difficult for our doctors to educate themselves a little more on food allergies and the damages that they cause?

I spent a whole year on a yeast free diet and most of my symptoms went away. I felt heaps better. I came off my IBS tablets eight and half moths later and was told by my consultant that ‘’no one ever comes off these tablets, once you’re on them, you’re on them for life’’. He was the one asking me questions this time. I knew I had done something really amazing and it was all through the diet. I felt so proud. Although I was still unable to use any anti-fungals, but I believed I would one day.

When Christmas came I found I wanted to stuff my face with all the crap that I used to eat not realising what the consequences would be. I became very ill and stayed ill, I was simply not able to reverse the symptoms and I knew I was in big trouble. My diet was not enough, my body craved necessary nutrients that I wasn’t able to get from food. I needed something else but I simply didn’t know what. I went back to my GP and I felt so helpless. After receiving more crap, I burst into tears and cried my eyes out in front of her, which probably gave her even more reasons to believe that I was going mad.

I was thoroughly encouraged to buy a bottle of top quality Aloe Vera Gel, but I was very reluctant to try it as I knew I would react. The man selling it promised me that I would never find anything else that would help me more than this as it saved his life too. I knew my body couldn’t take it but I was determined to try as I had no other choice. I started with a sip of 1 teaspoon in a mug of water every two nights, just so that my body could get used to it. As soon as I felt I would react, I flushed it down with more water or milk. I started to feel refreshed and I could see better. I started to build up on the dose and the strength and within three and a half months I was drinking the full dose on its own and was feeling great. Not long after, I had been invited by my sponsor to join the business, which I did. Now the Gel goes everywhere I go.

The symptoms had cleared and I was getting stronger, I was even able to use anti-fungals even though I didn’t ever manage to get through the die-off phases as the symptoms were so severe and caused great pain, but I never gave up. I just kept on rebuilding and drinking many herbals, repetitively.

Then a couple of months ago, I reacted badly to some chemicals which were used where I live. I was in so much unbearable pain for 3 weeks and I was sweating everyday. I struggled to drink or eat anything to replace what I’d lost as it made me feel so sick. I finally went into casualty and was examined by two doctors. I had to refuse all medicines due to the symptoms my overgrowth causes. Both doctors verbally discussed the pain from the lump with me and neither of them put it in writing. They wrote about everything else, but not the lump and the pain that was coming from it. It was referred to it as ‘’rib pain’’ instead. I even provided one of the doctors with information regarding Chronic Candida and how it can grow tumors and colonies of fungi in the body which can lead to a possible cause in cancer. I also forwarded a letter literally begging him to write down what he had found. Unfortunately, having received a well thought out reply, written with care. It’s obvious to me now that he can’t. But why should that matter? I’m only a another piece of meat at the end of the day and it’s not his life that he’s playing with!

I also told him that I heard of another girl who went through everything that I’ve been through with this condition. She had six tumors which were treated individually twice, every two weeks with anti-fungals and antihistamines. She then stayed on the diet to clear it completely and she got her life back. Can someone please do the same thing for me!

I’m finding it very difficult to rebuild my body again. Anything that goes wrong, I can’t treat it. If I’m in pain, I can’t take painkillers. If I have an infection, I struggle to treat it. If I have an accident, I could end up dead.
The medical profession needs to stop running away from fungi. It is a very important subject that needs to be studied in much greater depth and not ignored anymore. More tests need to be made available, so the patient doesn’t need to go through uncomfortable endoscopies and wait for several months to have it done. Testing for fungi should be as normal as testing for anything else. I believe that this may save millions from many serious and unnecessary illnesses in the future, only if it starts being recognised now. Otherwise, God help us all!
I really need to get out of this mess so I can start living again. I am still a young person and I believe that there is more to life than living like this. Written by Bobby Stamen. Please contact:

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