dr simoncini’s clear opinion

It is an obligatory step that does not arise from revenge, rancour or other lower emotions, but from the rational necessity to make mankind gain insight.

Only clear, accurate and true messages can stimulate the awaking of the placid, conformist souls. Friendlier and more charitable wordings could indeed be used, but in that case the result would be that we would delay, for a hundred years, that which we have achieved so far.
It is a thousand pities that moral obligations and spiritual motives exist, that are not easily compatible with the calm mediocrity of a work-shy existence.

Those good, decent gentlemen, physicians or no physicians, who resist against vigorous and accurate language, show in fact by their attitude alone that they belong to the ‘’blessed herd’’.
Of a complete different tone, however, are the standpoints of those who, from their pure and authentic inner selves, support me unconditionally, because they recognise the will in themselves to live for 100% in spite of every gag and lie.


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