BCC (skin cancer) and iodine

A new testimony was sent to me from Canada. It concerns skin cancer (Basal Cell Carcinoma) and the use of iodine tincture. A protocol I developed many years ago, but still the easy application and results surprise many.

I just wanted you to know how helpful the Iodine treatment was for a basal cell skin cancer I had on my right temple.

ill-1-iodine-tinctureIn December of 2009, my dermatologist identified a small basal skin cancer on my temple. At the time, it was less than 0.5 cm in diameter. She made an appointment with a surgeon to have it removed. The appointment to have it seen by the surgeon was in October of 2010. The surgery date was reset three times so that I finally got into to see the surgeon at the first of May this year (2012).

In the meantime, I continued with Photo Dynamic Therapy with my oncologist. By last September (2011) the lesion/tumor had grown to 0.75 cm in size and was significantly raised on touch. Clearly, while the PDT was helping to avoid new lesions/tumors, it was doing little to shrink the one on my temple. It was, in fact getting bigger.

Last fall, my son suggested that I try a routine of putting iodine on the spot which you were promoting for treating basal cell cancers. This I continued to do until May when I was scheduled for surgery.

Between October and April I had four PDT’s and used the iodine daily. By the middle of April, I noticed that the lesion/tumor was smoothing out. I continued with the iodine treatment awaiting my appointment with the surgeon.

About a week before the scheduled appointment (May 21) I noticed that the discoloration had faded and the bump had disappeared. Upon examination, the surgeon exclaimed, “Cathy,why are you here? There is no evidence of a basal cell on your temple.”

You can’t begin to imagine my surprise. I was thrilled. I have been struggling with basal cell skin cancer for more than forty years. This was the first time that I had ever visited a surgeon to find out that the basal cell had disappeared and that surgery was not necessary.

Most certainly, I attribute its disappearance to the use of the iodine treatment. While the PDT treatments had in the past been successful in getting rid of lesions/ tumors in the past, it had taken a long time to do so. (I have been receiving these treatments every six to eight weeks for the past ten years mostly as a preventative course of treatment).

I just wanted you to know how successful the iodine treatment was and how thrilled I was not to have had the surgery.
Thanks so much!!

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