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Bladder cancer

THANK YOU DOCTOR! About the seventh day of the protocol I was able to urinate! I finished the total 6 weeks Wednesday, April 9th. I seem to be urinating well except the urine is somewhat cloudy. Before and even now. So I used a clear glass to see what it could be, and was able to see very small particles that were somewhat white and clear in color floating inside the urine. [ … ] I ran out of catheters but can get them in two days. Just so you know , it is definitely 500% better then it was and I respectfully appreciate what your system has accomplished , you are truly a gift from God…To my beloved wonderful Doctor Simoncini!! Sincerely yours,
T. C.

New responsive website layout

fb-img-iphone-androidMy personal website in English has been online since 2007. As the platforms and browsers have changes a lot it was time for a new layout. I am very pleased to inform my followers on Twitter first with this release. At this moment work is still in progress and not all pages are listed on the related pages, but the website is already available for mobile devices like iPhone and Android. Besides this also tweet, like, share and pin options are present now.

@cancerfungus: Amazing video footage showing skin cancer is fungus

I received a video showing amazing images of the development of the fungus in an unique magnification.

(warning: explicit content… not for the weak hearted)

video Dr. Simoncini watch video

@cancerfungus: Cat suffering from cancer

The courage of Dr. Rubens Cascapera Jr. (a very respected doctor in Brazil), for divulging this conceptual innovation; my efforts to learn about the subject feeling that there could be a solution to save Kim.
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@cancerfungus: remarkable personal video testimonial

We received an interesting video recording concerning the results on the treatment of cancer of the inner leg. In this original footage the explicit action of the surgery and washing with sodium bicarbonate solution is shown.

video Dr. Simoncini watch video

@cancerfungus: remarkable results with iodine tincture

We received some interesting images concerning the results on the treatment of melanoma with 7% iodine tincture.

@cancerfungus: large lump on cat’s head entirely gone in two days

I just wanted to comment that I heard about you earlier this year on Coast-to-Coast AM, and wrote down the baking soda paste treatment. I knew I’d have use for it eventually. I tried it on MY CAT (he had a large lump on his head. In two days, it was entirely gone. I never even took him to the vet, because I wanted to see if it would work first (knowing they’d likely want to do surgery and, horrifically, radiation and chemotherapy). Thank you so much for your research into this area.


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