cancer health threat nr one

At the beginning of the 1900s, one person out of 100 died of cancer; today it is one out of three.
We foresee that within a few years one out of two people will die of cancer.

A mortality rate of 90 per cent, that is, 1.8 million deaths out of the 2 million cases recorded every year throughout the world, is observed for the majority of tumors of the digestive apparatus, those for example that are not subject to diagnostic ambiguities (such as esophagus, stomach, liver, and pancreas). The results for lung cancer are always similar, that is, the same 90 per cent death rate, and so on for all those cancers where mystification or data manipulation is not possible.

Cancer is the most important problem in medicine, not only because of its size, but especially because of the long symptomatological line that comes with this disease, especially in its more advanced phases, and the state of extreme psychological suffering which both the patient and their relatives are victims of.

It is no coincidence that the American president Richard Nixon in far-off 1971 proclaimed a real war against the “disease of the century”.
Since then, this war has absorbed, worldwide, a quantity of economic, scientific and human resources which exceeds the limit of any imagination, but the results – it is useless to hide it – are a failure.
Apart from the continuously renewed commitments, the repeated promises, and the supposedly miraculous most recent findings, there is very little that is concrete: the cause of cancer is and remains unknown.

The problem is unsolved. Each year, millions of people are annihilated by this inexorable disease, as if they had been sucked into a spiral of death and pain which is almost always impossible to fight.

Cancer is the enormous sword of Damocles, the terrible vindictive god of a surpassed social system, where defenseless citizens must passively accept a bankrupted management of their health, and are forced to delegate to undeserving others –the blind businessman at the vertex of the pyramid– the care of their disease.


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