cancer a new concept

Why do Mediterranean people have a very low incidence of cancer. It might just be that they consume a phytochemical known as oleuropein found in the olive leaf extract which has been shown to eliminate cancer tumors in 9-12 days. Cancer cures around the world number more than twenty five. The Hunza people in the Himalaya Mountains eat and drink a diet that does not allow cancer to exist. It is non-existent in their society and their life span ranges in the hundreds. They have no drugs and 80 percent of the foods they eat are grown in the sun. The only meats they eat are fish and fowl plus they eat eight almonds a day which contain vitamin B17. Cancer does not exist in their society.

The general public just does not see or hear about these cures because the FDA does not permit them to be manufactured and sold in the United States. Herbal remedies are not patentable. Unless the drugs or any chemical remedy can be patented, the big Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in the product.

The billions of dollars that have been spent to find the cure for cancer by the American Cancer Society in the 75 years that I have been around has not turned up a single remedy that will, without question, cure the CAUSE of cancer. Yes, there is chemotherapy, but the cure ratio with chemo is very poor.

Interesting enough Dr. Tullio Simoncini of Rome, Italy, stated that “Cancer is a Fungus” and wrote a book by the same title which I have . He treated many forms of cancer very successfully by treating the Cancer, whether it is breast, lung, colon or prostate. In fact I quote from his book on page 82 “after many years of disappointed expectations in oncology we should firmly discard the matrix as the cause of cancer”. In other words he said that the orthodox treatment of cancer should be abandoned. Chemo therapy only wipes out the cells that actually give our body the ability to fight foreign organisms. Our whole immune system is depleted via chemo therapy. It just does not make any sense to wipe out your fighting system to cure a problem.

Dr. F. C. Odds from England discovered some years ago that there were 150 forms of Candida Albicans which is a symbiotic bacterium that belongs in the small intestine. Its function is the absorption of “B” vitamins. Practically every organ in our body needs “B” vitamins, particularly the liver, eyes, and adrenal glands. Without their functions we will not survive. It would be like driving an automobile without an accelerator pedal. This might be what we call the “chronic fatigue syndrome”. The causative factor is the use of antibiotics and steroids that are consumed orally whether it is a prescription or in the foods we eat. Antibiotics and steroids are added to the food of the animal meat we are eating.

As long as there is food for candida albicans to feed on in the blood stream, you can’t get it out of the blood and back into the small intestine. One of the things that Dr. Nieper taught me was , “you have to get the food out of the blood stream that candida is feeding on”. Candida Albicans only feeds off dead undigested protein that never got digested in the stomach. Some literature today states that it feeds off of carbohydrates. This is not true. It is a saprophytic bacteria that by definition feeds on undigested protein.

What I have observed through the Dark field microscope, which allows one to see live activity Candida Albican buds literally tear the walls of white and red blood cells apart which dumps the contents of the WBC’s back into the blood component. This produces a lot of toxicity in the blood. Not only that, but by depleting the number of red and white blood cells, the cause for lymphomas and leukemia is explained. Our white blood cells are our fighters and therefore when gone, we have no fight left. My theory is that viruses hiding out somewhere in the body are now able to run rampant causing the cancers to exist because there is no interferon to catch the viruses. Our body needs certain nutritional components to make interferon. For those who have developed cancer, apparently are missing the needed ingredients to make interferon in our body. This is my theory and has not been sanctioned by the FDA.

Dr. Royal Rife in the twenties and thirties discovered the viruses that caused cancer. A few years ago I spent a day with the assistant to Dr. Rife, John Crane, who had been with Dr. Rife in the lab for twenty years, who confirmed his discoveries to me. Definitely proving it was a virus that causes the many forms of cancer. Dr. Rife had developed a microscope that was able to view virus activity in a live form.. Whereas the electron microscope that is generally in use today destroys whatever you are looking at because of the intensity of the light that is used. Dr. Rife also found that certain sound frequencies would kill the viruses that caused cancer. Yet his method for treating cancer has never been approved by the FDA.

Dr. Hans Nieper from Hanover, Germany, taught me how they have treated patients for the last fifty years. He explained how to get Candida Albicans out of the blood stream and back into the small intestine. By stopping the destruction of the white and red blood cells, the immune system which involves the spleen, thymus and adrenal glands are preserved. By producing interferon in between the cells, the viruses are trapped so that the macrophages (WBCs) can literally come to the trapped virus site and eat it up and then take it to the lymphatic cells to be eliminated. Our body operates almost the same way a spider does that makes a web to catch a fly. It has to make the web before it can catch and eat the fly. Interferon is our web to catch the virus so it can be eliminated. This may be a preventative to colds as well, and possibly cancer. Consider the fact that colds and flu are viruses.
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© 2010 Paul F. Fulk, D.C., F.A.S.A.


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