a new year has come

Dear friends,

A new year has come. Apart from all the best wishes for the future, we realize that we are going through a difficult time in our existence. Famine, wars, an economical crisis, climate changes are some of the many problems we are facing today.

For sure, we can do something about this: making a real effort to help other people in need, improving the intercultural communication and realizing a solution to the conflicts among nations and different cultures. Really having our priorities right and save our Mother Earth. Yes, we can!!! ….to quote the president(-elect) Obama…

Thanks to the possibility of sharing knowledge through the internet we are no longer isolated, we can let the world know what is going on: we can disclose our feelings of injustice if we wish to do so, we can ask our experts to explain their actions much more direct than we could before. It’s because we are prepared to ask. We are prepared to ask what we never have been able to ask. This time, we shall no longer take their twisted stories for granted, just because they have the knowledge…..and the power…..

However, solving our struggle to cure our loved ones from cancer still seems impossible. Will we let those 10,000,000 victims a year die in vain or will we amass our voice to stop this monstrosity that we call “medicine”…?

Every one of us is likely to have experienced the devastating effect of this disease in his vicinity, or sadly enough: in his own body! Just think about a family member, a neighbour, a friend, a famous person, a wife or a husband, or even your own child…. Often they risk the chance of undergoing an amputation, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. More than once, all those people met their fateful demise by a final injection of morphine…

Let us quote Dr. Simoncini in his book: “Cancer is a fungus”: The question that many people ask themselves is why, after so many years of study and research, has cancer not yet been defeated? The problem is indeed scientific, but in my opinion it is even more a problem of a cultural and social nature as it represents the very structure of knowledge at the world level – a structure that prevents that freedom of thought and creativity that is capable of finding the right solutions.

The politicized structure of universities and professional orders which are set up almost as castes, with financing issued only to established institutions that are often almost mummified, and the monopoly of information held by existing political and cultural powers – all these are elements that prevent the most fertile and creative minds of society from having the slightest chance of exploring new paths. This fossilized social attitude is forcing entire populations to exist in a chronic state of fear and suffering when it comes to a disease – cancer – which could be successfully defeated.

This doctor who had a brilliant medical career in the medical establishment…..fully qualified as no other:  surgeon, endocrinologist, diabetologist, oncologist and also a University degree in philosophy, who tried to follow another path outside the imposed medical protocols.

This man who tried to bring something new in the fight against cancer and other diseases and who has been STRUCK OFF by the medical establishment with the sole reason that he -as an oncologist- administered Sodium Bicarbonate instead of the conventional therapy to treat cancer patients. Even the Court of Cassation has spoken in favour of the therapeutic freedom of the physician (http://www.curenaturalicancro.com/simoncini-ignored.html) but the medical establishment simply ignores this.

Why? Under mentioned quote explains Dr. Simoncini’s answer:

The implications from my hypothesis that cancer is a fungus which can be eradicated with sodium bicarbonate are that:

  • eighty years of genetic study and application has been for nothing, especially considering that the genetic theory of cancer has never been demonstrated;
  • the loss of millions, if not billions, of lives with all the suffering has been for nothing;
  • the billions of dollars spent on chemotherapy medicine, radiotherapy, etc. has been for nothing;
  • the recognition and prizes given to eminent researchers and professors has been for nothing;
  • the oncologist could be replaced by the family doctor; and
  • the pharmaceutical industry will incur tremendous financial losses (sodium bicarbonate is inexpensive and impossible to patent).

It is clear that this is a giant fight to try to have this simple, very inexpensive therapy available to everybody… no matter how the effectiveness of this therapy is judged by the medical establishment. The websites found on www.cancerfungus.comhave been created by and are kept up to date by volunteers. As everyone knows, keeping even one website up to date costs quite a bit of time and money.

Money is also needed for the expenses of Dr. Simoncini, as he goes back and forth to America, Australia, Hungary,Germany, India and other places in the future, to give lectures about his ‘fungus infection theory’ as the primary cause of cancer.

Together, Dr. Simoncini and his volunteer co-workers, receive hundreds of e-mails and telephone calls from cancer patients every day, as well as from doctors, scientists and therapists who want to know more about this new theory and therapy.

Dr. Simoncini and his co-workers are now working on humanitarian grounds, not charging for their time and effort, because they feel how important it is. Sometimes they have even been able to arrange that patients who do not have the money to pay for treatments are treated for free.

Our most important goal at the moment is to get “clinical trials” of treatment with sodium bicarbonate set up in order to prove its effectiveness. Because they need to meet scientific criteria, clinical trials are expensive and are normally only possible with the funding and help from the pharmaceutical industry and within the hospital environment.

However, with your help, we aim to get the research and the clinical trials off the ground now.  Many people have already personally experienced that this therapy is effective for cancer, now help us to prove it scientifically. Support us to take the next step: scientific research and proof… clinical trials. The medical world only reacts to this type of research. So many more lives could be saved! Please support our cause to conquer cancer with this relatively simple and effective type of treatment with a your donations! Let’s give those cancerpatients another chance,  whose oncologists have nothing more to offer them. We are getting ever close to reaching our goal.

A Very Happy New Year to You All!!

Cancer Fungus Association


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